Rice salad

30 Minutes SERVES 4


10 oz rice
7 oz drained tuna in oil
3 oz FRAMORE Bella di Cerignola Black Olives
3 oz FRAMORE Bella di Cerignola Green Olives
3 oz FRAMORE Pearl Onions
3 oz FRAMORE Grilled Sliced peppers
3 oz FRAMORE Borettane Onions
3 oz dill pickles
3 oz FRAMORE Artichokes in oil
Salt To Taste
Parsley To Taste


  • First of all, pout plenty of water in a pot, heat the water and salt it.
  • Once boiling, add rice.
  • Remember to cook the rice 2 or 3 minutes less than cooking time on the box.
  • Meanwhile, take care of the ingredients.
  • Wash and cut it into julienne strips.
  • Pit the olives.
  • Cut the artichokes into slices;
  • When rice is “al dente”, drain it, pour it in a tray and leave it to cool.
  • Once cooler, add all the ingredients to your rice.
  • Stir and add parsley if needed.

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