FRAMORE Organic Gluten Free Authentic Italian Calamarata Pasta

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Just about everybody enjoys pasta, but in this industrialized world, we often miss the authentic taste and texture of traditional handmade pasta, which is soft yet pleasing to chew and has just the right amount of flavor. In Apulia, Italy, known as the Italian barn, there is a small factory, where FRAMORE is bringing the passion and a personal touch back to Italian cuisine. By using a specialized pasta-shaping technique called bronze-drawing, your tubular calamarata will have a rougher, more porous texture, allowing any sauce, cheese, or dressing to adhere to them more effectively. All pasta is made with care by the pastaio, or pasta-maker, who works hard to ensure that you get the best taste and texture in your calamarata every time. This FRAMORE Organic Gluten Free Calamarata is made with only the best ingredients in a dedicated gluten free facility. EnjoyFRAMOREpasta andshare your experience with your friends and family. If you want consistently quality calamarata with delicious flavor and unwavering texture, FRAMORE is here to serve. Buon appetito!