Dried Conchiglioni Pasta

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1 Lb Bags 6 Pack

Traditional handmade pasta is soft, yet pleasing to chew, and has just the right amount of flavor. In Apulia, Italy - also known as the Italian barn - FRAMORE brings passion and personal touch back into pasta making. Our Conchiglioni Pasta, perfect for stuffing, is made from 100 percent premium durum Semolina flour. The pasta is then bronze-drawn to provide a rougher, more porous texture, allowing sauces and seasoning to adhere to the noodle more effectively. The pastaio, or pasta maker, takes the trays to the drying rooms where they are left to dry for 48 hours, locking in the perfect flavor and al dente texture. This meticulous process results in perfectly replicated pasta from ancient Italian tradition. If you want consistently al dente shells, delicious flavor, and unwavering quality, FRAMORE is here to serve.