Dried Gigli Pasta

$9.99 - $34.99
Pack Quantity
1 Lb Bag
1 Lb Bags 2 Pack
1 Lb Bags 6 Pack
Just about everybody enjoys pasta, but in this industrialized world, we often miss the authentic taste and texture of traditional handmade pasta, which is soft yet pleasing to chew and has just the right amount of flavor. In Apulia, Italy, known as the Italian barn, there is a small factory, where FRAMORE is bringing the passion and personal touch back to pasta. This gigli is made with 100 percent premium durum wheat semolina flour, ground more finely than refined flour, and mixed in a mixer that is one-tenth the size that is used for industrial pasta. By using a specialized pasta-shaping technique called bronze-drawing, your gigli will have a rougher, more porous texture, allowing any sauce or dressing to adhere to it more effectively. Their pastaio, or pasta-maker, personally takes the trays of pasta to the drying rooms, where they sit at the perfect temperature and have plenty of time to dry. This meticulous process results in perfectly replicated pasta from ancient Italian tradition, because FRAMORE cares about the details. If you want consistently al dente gigli with delicious flavor and unwavering texture, FRAMORE is here to serve.